Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

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It is not easy to compare terrestrial and aquatic systems because there is such a large variety of these environments. It is possible to recognize in the terrestrial part of the biosphere a small number of units with distinctive vegetation and climate, each with a complex of communities of large extent. These units are known as biomes and six major biomes are usually recognized, namely the:

  1. Tundra,
  2. Taiga ( coniferous forests ),
  3. Deciduous Forests,
  4. Grasslands,
  5. Tropical Rain Forests,
  6. Deserts.
The Major Biomes of the World:

In this section we will focus on the similarities and differences between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

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Similarities between Terrestrial and Aquatic systems

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The Knysna forest in South Africa, an example
of an terrestrial ecosystem.

A marine aquatic ecosystem

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Differences between Terrestrial and Aquatic systems

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